For security reasons, we recommend that you only send money through the Service to people you know personally and you can confirm the identity of the recipient.

You must not use the Service to send money to strangers for example sellers of goods and/or services, private or retail.


Protect yourself from scams and fraud. Be careful when a stranger asks you to send money, especially in connection with:

  • • An Internet Purchase.
  • • To claim a prize or lottery winning.
  • • To recover a lost item through newspaper or telephone offer or promotion.
  • • For a business opportunity.
  • • For a loan or credit card fee.
  • • To refund part of a check given to you until your bank confirms that the check has cleared (this can take up to 2 weeks and longer for an international check.
  • • To someone you have met through online dating until you have verified his/her identity.

We do not guarantee delivery or suitability of goods or services paid for with money transfers initiated through our online service. If you believe someone is trying to scam or defraud you or your SikaCash username, or your password is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately by telephone (718) 208 1880 or email at